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A beautiful veneer wood box is shown by the performer who then removes a small wooden
box from inside which has a clear window top and contains a small die.

The box is now given to a spectator who is told to shake it and try to change the position
of the die inside so that a different number will show through the window.

This proves very difficult to do as the die fits very tightly inside and has very little movement.

The performer now asks the spectator to name a number between
1 and 6 and the spectator for example selects the number 4.

The performer now places the small box into the larger one and closes the lid.

The spectator is now told to think of the number 4 and to tap the box with their finger four times.

The performer now opens the box and shows the spectator that the number four is
now showing on the top of the die visible through the window of the small box.

The effect is completely self-contained and does not require any
gimmick to be concealed in the performers hand

Badlands Box comes complete with Badlands Bob which is manufactured
by Viking Magic U.S.A. and has the VH logo stamped on its base.

Manufactured in 2017 by Magic Wagon Thailand & Viking Magic America.