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The performer displays a small wooden lid box.

The box is now shown empty and a folded prediction card is placed inside.

The lid is replaced and the box is placed in full view on the table.

A card is now freely chosen, signed and returned to the deck by a spectator.

The performer now offers to find the chosen card without looking through the deck.

The performer then points to the box that has been in plain sight all along and lifts
the lid to clearly show the folded card that was previously placed inside.

The folded card is now removed by the spectator.

Once unfolded, the spectator is amazed to find that the prediction not only
matches the freely chosen card but also has their signature on it!

The spectator has an absolutely free choice of any card!

The prediction can be removed by the spectator!

The box remains in full view the entire time!

This exquisite little box can be used with a bank note,
piece of paper or a borrowed & signed coin.

Manufactured in 2008 by Magic Wagon Thailand.