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A small foulard draped platform featuring an ornate shade tube cover is displayed.

The performer now shows the tube to be completely empty and places it back on the platform.

The foulard is then pulled up through the tube to further prove its emptiness.

The performer then makes a beautiful lotus pedestal from the tube.

He then puts the foulard back into the tube, snaps his fingers before
removing it and placing it on top of the lotus pedestal.

Immediately, when the foulard is lifted, a Chinese lion statue is resting on the pedestal!

The effect can be performed without body or table loads of any kind.

The mechanical method for this item has been inspired by the Aldini Bowl
Production and the design of the Westgate Bowl Production.

The Chinese Lion Mystery measures approximately 13.5cm
in diameter and 16.5cm high including the shade tube.

The round platform is only 13mm thick and is adorned
with three beautiful lion feet carved legs.

The entire outfit is extremely detailed and each set has been
hand-crafted by Magic Wagon's own exclusive artist.

Also included but not shown in the image is a black cloth foulard.

Manufactured in 2018 by Magic Wagon Thailand.