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A beautiful stand which has a see-through bottom along
with a clear glass cylinder and a die are displayed.

The performer then places a sealed prediction on the table.

He then asks the spectator to roll the die a few times proving that the numbers
selected are random and then to place the die into the glass cylinder.

The performer then tells the story of Poseidon and slowly
stirs a glass of water with a mini brass Trident.

Now, he instructs the spectator to pour the water into the cylinder.

When completed, the spectator is asked to open the prediction and read it out aloud.

To everyone's surprise, the number on top of the die matches perfectly with the prediction!

Everything can then be handed out for examination.

The effect is entirely self-working and happens in the spectator's hands.

The effect can be performed with any numbers from 1-6.

The effect is entirely self-contained with no palming or sleights of any kind used.

Manufactured in 2014 by Magic Wagon Thailand.