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A spectator is invited to call out any one of the six spots on a die.

The choice is completely free and there is absolutely no force of any kind.

The performer then directs attention to the antique style jewelry box that has been in full view the whole time.

He then explains that prior to the show he made a prediction and isolated it inside the box.

The box is then opened revealing a smaller black box which can then be opened by the spectator them self.

Amazingly, the uppermost number of the die inside is a perfect match to the number chosen by the spectator!

Please note that the above routine is performed under the following conditions.

The box remains in full view at all times and the effect can be performed completely surrounded!

The die can be removed by the spectator and both boxes can be completely examined!

The die was placed inside the box before the spectator made their number selection!

The spectator has an absolutely free choice of any of the 6 numbers on a die!

The effect can be immediately repeated using another free selection!

Everything is completely self-contained!

Only one die is used in this effect!

The small black velvet box measures approximately 4cm square by 4cm high

The larger antique style wooden box measures approximately 14.5cm square by 8.5cm high and is
handcrafted with a high-gloss jewelry box veneer finish and lined with velvet fabric.

Manufactured in 2013 by Magic Wagon Thailand.