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A beautiful wooden cabinet with five mini drawers is displayed.

The performer then arranges five wooden plinths, each with a different ESP symbol,
into slots on the cabinet and in any order that the spectator wishes.

This is a 100% free choice and the spectator can change their mind as many times as they wish.

After they have made their final decision, the predictions are openly tipped out of the drawers,
and found to be in the exact same order as the spectator's choice!

The cabinet measures approximately 26cm wide by 5cm tall and 5.5cm deep.

Each wooden plinth measures approximately 4.5cm high and 3.5cm wide and is
adorned with beautiful brass plaque with an engraved ESP symbol.

The entire effect has been painstakingly handcrafted from genuine teak.

The method used is absolutely ingenious and completely mechanical in operation!

Each unit has been manufactured using over 90 wooden parts!

Manufactured in 2016 by Magic Wagon Thailand.