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An ornate box is displayed and the lid is removed
showing the interior to be completely empty.

Three different colored stones are then introduced and handed to a spectator.

The spectator mixes the stones behind their back, and brings two of them forward.

The two selected stones are dropped into the box, and the lid is closed.

When the lid is removed again, and the two colored stones are tipped out of the
box they have incredibly fused together, and the box is otherwise empty.

The fused stone maybe completely examined.

As an additional climax, the fused stone and the remaining colored stone are put into the box together.

The lid is closed and a magical gesture is made, and when the stones are tipped out of the box, they
have fused together into one stone containing all three colors, and the box is again shown empty!

The final fused stone may also be completely examined.

The choice of the colored stones is completely free with no force or elimination of any kind!

The effect is completely self-contained and does not require any sleight of hand during the routine!

The effect is performed in full view and the box never leaves the sight of the spectator!

The entire outfit is extremely detailed and each set has been individually
hand-crafted by Magic Wagons own exclusive artist.

The fused stones and the one used in the climax of this effect are
not simply glued or painted but are made of cast resin.

The box only, without the knob on the lid, measures approximately
10cm wide, 11.5cm high and 10cm deep.

Manufactured in 2021 by Magic Wagon Thailand.