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The performer asks a spectator to freely call
out anyone of the six spots on a die.

Another spectator now places a die with a different
number facing up onto a small wooden base.

A clear glass is now inverted over the die and a lucite
cover is then placed over the glass and die.

This leaves the die in full view while isolating it from everything.

The performer now shows both hands clearly empty and directs his mental
energy to the die isolated under the glass and the lucite cover.

Suddenly, the die visibly moves to the number previously chosen!

It's a very stunning and inexplicable effect.

The spectator has a completely free choice of any of the 6 spots on a die!

The effect can be immediately repeated for the same audience!

The effect can be performed without the aid of an assistant!

The wooden base is completely hand-crafted from teak
wood with a lightly distressed antique finish.

Manufactured in 2012 by Magic Wagon Thailand.