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The performer displays a beautiful wooden stand.

On the stand is a wooden cover on one side along with a wooden tube on the other.

The performer lifts the tube showing a clear (acrylic) glass and then lifts the cover showing a cloth.

He covers the glass with the cloth and then places the wooden cover over both the cloth and glass.

The tube is then placed on the other end of the stand.

The performer now lifts the wooden cover one last time, showing that the glass and cloth are still in place.

The performer then snaps his fingers and immediately lifts the cover showing the
glass has completely vanished, leaving only the cloth left on the stand!

The performer now lifts the tube revealing the previously vanished glass!

Only one glass is used and a initialled sticker can be affixed to it if desired!

The effect is completely self-contained using only the items shown!

The mechanical method does not rely on electronics, springs or magnets!

Ghost Glass is a variation of the Collector's Workshop effect called Toast of The Town.

The wooden stand measures approximately 18.5cm wide, 3cm high and 8.5cm deep. The tube is 4.2cm
wide, 10.7cm high and 4.2cm deep and the cover is 6.9cm wide, 7.2cm high and 6.9cm deep.

The entire effect has been completely handcrafted from natural
aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish.

Manufactured in 2021 by Magic Wagon Thailand.