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This authentic looking miniature Captain Hook pirate treasure chest
will enable you to make a borrowed ring or signed coin
vanish in full view of your audience.

It can also be used for the production of a previously vanished small object.

The chest has a locking mechanism built into its floor which is made
of brass to give many years of trouble free service.

Each piece is hand rubbed and finished to display its natural rich teak wood lines.

Over 70 tiny brass nails are also used along with a genuine
925 sterling silver antique look skull fitting.

The inside floor is lined with black baize for perfectly silent operation.

Measures Approximately

7.5cm wide by 3.75cm high & 5.cm deep.

Collector quality, each unique piece is individually numbered.

Comes complete with chest, brass padlock, pouch
and photo-illustrated instructions sheet.

Manufactured in 2007 by Magic Wagon Thailand.