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The performer displays a block of wood with a hole
running through its center and a length of rope

The rope is now threaded through the block, which is then locked into an elevated
wooden frame while still allowing the ends of the rope to remain in full view.

Despite this restrained situation, the performer, without any cover, pulls the block
forward until it is completely clear of the frame and unattached from the rope!

The block is then shown on all sides and the rope can still be clearly seen through
the frame where the block was imprisoned only a moment earlier!

Houdini Block Escape has been inspired by Jack Hughes effect called Cuban Release
which is still one of the very best block and rope penetrations in magic.

What elevates this far more than similar effects is that it only
uses one rope with no looping or threads involved.

The rope can also be immediately removed from
the frame at the end of the performance!

The frame stands approximately 13cm high, 15.5cm
wide, 6.5cm deep and the block is 6.2cm square.

This effect has been completely hand-crafted from genuine
teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish.

Manufactured in 2020 by Magic Wagon Thailand.