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This is a completely new handling for the Card to Envelope inside a wallet.

For the first time the spectator holds the secret in their hands.

The spectator holds the wallet, opens the wallet, and removes the envelope containing the signed card.

The performer remains completely Hands Off.

This is the first time that a card to envelope has been possible in a hip style wallet.

It also features Harry's Instant Reset concept, which means it's perfect for real world workers.

Features of the Hands Off Wallet.

Everyday wallet with space for bank notes and credit cards.

You can also perform the following routines with the HOW Wallet.

Signed Card to Envelope, Signed Card to Wallet, Ring to Envelope,
Coin to Envelope, & Signed Business Card to Wallet.

The HOW Wallet can be loaded from your Trouser Pocket, Breast Pocket or Back Pocket.

Comes complete with 10 Envelopes and 10 Special Loading Gimmicks.

Includes full instructional online multi camera video.

Manufactured using 100% genuine leather.