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A beautiful wood box and two black dice are shown.

Both of the dice are then placed inside the box which is
then closed and given to the spectator to shake.

The spectator is now asked to open the box and
add up the total of the numbers showing.

The dice are shaken two more times, by the spectator, and each
time the total showing is added to the previous total.

The performer, who at no time sees any of the totals on the
dice, is able to reveal the final total arrived at.

The performer then offers to repeat the effect by adding one more dice, making
it even more impossible, but still is able to predict the total of
the dice after they are shaken several times.

This is one of those effects that you can repeat over and over again
and it gets even more puzzling with each repetition.

Collector's quality and hand finished in mahogany veneer wood.

Points to remember:

The three dice used are completely normal.

Everything can be examined before and after.

The effect can be repeated with a different outcome each time.

Detailed instruction sheet included.

Measures Approximately
6.25cm by 6.25cm square & 3.75cm high

Only 50 sets made in all mahogany finish.

Manufactured in 2009 by Magic Wagon Thailand.