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The performer displays a beautiful ornate cabinet and removes
the front cover showing it to be completely empty.

He then replaces the cover and shows the cabinet all around.

A beautiful solid vase is then shown and placed into the top of the cabinet.

The performer now inserts four solid brass blades through
the cabinet from side to side and front to back.

The blades completely fill the cabinet and there appears to no
room for them to pass without damaging the vase.

Next a solid wand is pushed through holes on the sides of the cabinet!

Remember that the vase Is actually inside the cabinet throughout the effect!

Finally the performer removes the wand and blades and
shows the vase to be completely unharmed!

The entire effect is extremely detailed with engraved floral motifs and
has been hand-crafted by Magic Wagon's own exclusive artist.

The cabinet, without the front, measures approximately
10cm wide, 10.5cm high and 9cm deep.

Manufactured in 2020 by Magic Wagon Thailand.