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An empty shot glass is placed on an elegant drawer box.

Next a larger glass is inverted over the shot glass isolating it completely.

The performer now walks away, takes a coin and causes it to magically travel from his
hand to the shot glass, visibly penetrating the inverted glass with a loud "clink"!

The intricate mechanism allows the performer to stand several feet away when the magic happens!

The beautiful drawer box measures approximately 17cm wide x 6.5cm high x 17cm
deep and is completely hand-crafted from genuine teak wood.

Other close-up items can be stored and freely removed from the drawer
and used before or after performing the "Coin Thru Glass".

The mechanism takes one US Quarter or any similar sized coin from your country.

Comes complete with 5 pages of John Talbot's "Comic Coin" routine and other ideas,
plus an optional way to perform the effect without using the glasses!

Manufactured in 2016 by Magic Wagon Thailand.