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The performer displays a solid sheet of glass and an empty
wooden frame along with 4 mini brass swords.

The glass is now inserted into the frame through a slot
in the top and then clearly shown on both sides.

The doors are now closed and the performer now inserts all the
4 solid swords into the frame and through the glass.

The swords are then removed and the doors are immediately
opened to show the glass is still in place.

The glass can then be pulled out of the frame and shown
to be completely unharmed and still solid.

The sheet of glass and brass swords are not gimmicked in any way!

The effect is completely self-contained and does not incorporate the usual sliding method!

The special wooden frame makes the effect possible!

Each frame is made entirely of teak and completely hand-crafted with brass accents.

The frame measures approximately 13cm wide x 14.5cm high x 9.5cm deep.

Manufactured in 2011 by Magic Wagon Thailand.