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Performer shows a small treasure chest and a coin purse.

He then borrows a coin from a spectator which is also marked for later identification.

The spectator is then asked to place the coin inside the chest, close
the lid and place their hand onto the top of the chest.

The performer now draw's attention to a coin purse which
has been in view before the effect started.

The coin purse is now opened and inside is the marked coin!

The treasure chest & coin purse are in full view the entire time.

The coin vanishes from the chest and reappears inside the purse in a very quick and clean manner.

The effect can be performed with a marked coin, spectator's ring or a folded signed card.

The entire set is handcrafted from crocodile embossed style faux leather.

The chest features solid brass plate hardware and the interior is lined with velvet material.

Manufactured in 2011 by Magic Wagon Thailand.