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Spectator just name's a playing card, and you
have the correct card in your wallet.

The spectator can change their mind all they want but you can still
produce a playing card from your wallet, as absolute proof
that you knew what they would select all along.

It is both a close up or stage effect, using nothing more than the
minds of the audience and your normal looking wallet.

No sleight of hand or 52 card index needed.

Kolossal Killer has become a classic routine and is used by such
pros as Larry Becker, Allan Ackerman and Jeff McBride.

Get the complete original 16 page manuscript and for the first time the
"Official Kolossall Killer Wallet", Killer Envelopes and specially
printed cards all certified by Kenton Knepper.

Sho-Gun Wallet design by Elbert L Gardener
and copyright © Wizard Craft Magic.

Please note that this item has been previously owned, but comes complete
with its original instruction booklet and is in mint condition.

Sold Out