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From the creative mind of Simon Corneille comes a beautiful close-up penetration of a die
through a solid blade that is more deceptive and convincing than previous versions.

A beautiful ornate square tube along with a solid golden blade and a die are displayed.

The lid is removed and the die is dropped into the tube.

The blade is then inserted through the slits near the bottom of the tube, trapping the die inside.

On the performer's command, the die magically penetrates the blade
and falls into the hand of the amazed spectator!

Everything can then be handed out for examination.

Please do not confuse this effect with similar versions that are available.

With Majestic Die Penetration, the die is clearly shown to be resting at the bottom of the tube
before a solid blade is inserted through the slits completely blocking the dies exit.

The entire apparatus is absolutely striking in appearance and has been delicately
and individually hand-crafted so no two sets are the same.

Manufactured in 2012 by Magic Wagon Thailand.