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Imagine handing out several business cards and pencils.

The chosen spectators are now asked to secretly jot down any four digit number.

For example, the year of their birth or the last four digits of their telephone number.

The cards are then folded, sealed shut and placed in the locked chest
through a small slot by each spectator.

The box is shaken mixing the sealed business cards inside.

Any spectator is now handed a key and then asked to open the chest
and remove anyone of the folded business cards.

With his back turned, the performer asks the spectator to open the selected card
and then to concentrate on the four digit number written inside.

The performer begins to describe the meaning of the digits and finally
writes them down, unseen on a large pad.

The spectator is asked to call out the numbers on the selected card.

The performer shows what he wrote on the pad and the numbers are
identical to the ones called out by the spectator.

Mighty Mini Chameleon is capable of numerous effects and routines.

Everything from design duplication to Q&A.

With nothing suspicious to see, and no flap in the lid means the entire interior and
exterior of Mighty Mini Chameleon can be viewed by the spectators.

Mighty Mini Chameleon is a masterpiece of workmanship with its exotic veneer wood
mirror like finish and gleaming stainless hardware with recessed hinges.

The professional's dream piece.

Comes complete with full instructions.

Limited Edition Only 50 Available Worldwide.

Manufactured in 2010 by Magic Wagon Thailand.