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A small wooden box is displayed and then opened revealing
a tray containing four different artists portraits.

The performer then removes the tray and
shows that the box is clearly empty.

Performer now places a bag containing a prediction
inside the box and the tray is then replaced.

Ask a spectator to freely select a portrait and tell them to write
down the catalog number that is printed on its back.

The performer now lifts the tray and clearly shows the velvet
bag that was previously placed inside the box.

The prediction is now removed by the spectator and read out aloud.

Amazingly, the portrait freely selected by the spectator matches
the written prediction including its catalog number.

The prediction is placed inside the box before the spectator makes their selection.

The spectator has a completely free choice of the four portrait's shown.

The effect can also be repeated immediately with a different outcome.

Manufactured from teak wood and the picture frames include miniature portraits by
Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali and Pierre Auguste Renoir.

The box measures approximately 14cm square by 8cm high.

Copyright © Howard Baltus & The Trickery.

Manufactured in 2012 by Magic Wagon Bangkok Thailand.