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A beautiful antique leather look box is shown by the performer.

Spectator freely names any number from one to six.

Box is then opened to reveal a beautiful smaller wooden box inside.

The smaller box is opened by the spectator to reveal
a die with their selected number facing upwards!

The boxes and die are now handed to a spectator for examination.

The performer now secretly places the die back into the box and closes the lid.

The spectator is now asked to select and name any number from 1 to 6.

The performer now places the small box into the larger one and closes the lid.

The spectator is now asked to think of the number that they selected.

Finally the small box is passed back to the spectator who is asked to open the lid and then to confirm
that the number showing on top of the die again matches the one that they selected!

Everything is completely self-contained and the antique looking
leather box blends in perfectly with the mysterious effect.

The small box and die has been exclusively manufactured by
Viking Magic and has the VH logo stamped on its base.

The instructions include "John Talbot's routine and handling which takes
full advantage of the new features incorporated in these boxes".

Limited Edition Only 100 Available Worldwide.

Manufactured in 2018 by Magic Wagon Thailand & Viking Magic America.