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An elegant looked wooden chest is shown which
the performer states contains a prediction.

Now a spectator is invited to randomly throw a dart at the
dart board and record whatever score it landed on.

The chest is then handed to another spectator, along with a key.

After opening the chest themselves, they find a folded sheet of paper.

The folded paper describes how the contents of this chest were locked one week ago and then
instructs the spectator to open the small compartment in the bottom of the chest.

Inside the small compartment the spectator finds a small scroll of paper.

They are now told to remove, unroll it and read what is written.

Amazingly the prediction in the chest matches the score
that the previous spectator hit on the dart board.

The “Monarch” system has all of the following features.

No assistants on or off stage are necessary in any way!

The chest is completely self-contained with no palming or extra equipment required!

The spectator can freely open the chest and remove the prediction!

The method is completely mechanical with no electronics involved!

The chest remains in full view at all times!

No force of any kind is used and the effect can
be immediately repeated, if desired!

The chest measures approximately 15cm wide by 9cm tall and 11cm deep
and is completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood.

Due to the mechanism involved, hours of workmanship
go into the making of each one of these chests.

Manufactured in 2014 by Magic Wagon Thailand.