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A spectator is given a choice of decks, either red or blue.

You then close the lid of the chosen box with the cards
inside and push it towards the spectator.

Now remove the red cards from the other box and
ask your spectator to select a card.

Shuffle the card somewhere back into the deck.

Put the red cards back into the box and close the lid.

Explain that the chosen red card is now in the center
of the blue deck in their chosen box.

The spectator is now told to open the box and finds
one red card, their selected card inside.

The rest of the blue deck has completely vanished.

If you wish a regular size duplicate card can be made to
appear inside the box folded into quarters.

You can also use the special box by itself to
produce small items like coins ect.

The boxes are made from high quality teak wood.

You will receive a mini Bicycle deck, two duplicate
cards of each color and both boxes.

The special gimmick and instructions have been slightly modified
so that you can use either color as your main deck.

Copyright © Howard Baltus & The Trickery.

Manufactured in 2009 by Magic Wagon Thailand.