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A beautiful tray is shown, along with a small wooden cup, a shot
glass and four different (crystal like beads) colored "balls".

The wooden cup is then placed in the center of the tray and the shot glass is inverted over the top,
making it impossible for anything to enter the cup without first removing the glass.

One of the colored balls is freely selected and then they are all now placed in recesses around the shot glass.

A cloth is then spread over the tray, covering the shot glass and the colored balls.

The spectator is now asked to concentrate on the colored ball they selected.

The performer removes the cloth and the chosen ball is now inside the wooden
cup which has remained covered by the inverted shot glass!

The effect can be immediately repeated and a different colored ball chosen!

There is absolutely no force or elimination of any kind!

Completely mechanical, self-contained and can be performed surrounded!

Because of the octagon-shaped tray, the colored balls can seemingly be placed back in the
same positions even after the performer has asked for the spectators chosen color!

This is an updated improvement on the original design especially for when
the effect is repeated with a different colored ball selected.

The tray measures approximately 17.5cm across by 4.5cm high, and has been completely
handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish.

"Mystic Mind Spheres" comes complete with the special tray, wooden cup,
shot glass, four colored balls and a black & gold cloth.

This effect is based on an original idea by Jack Hughes called "Penetra-Spheres".

Manufactured in 2016 by Magic Wagon Thailand.