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The performer displays a beautiful wooden stand which has two houlettes,
positioned one above the other on opposite sides.

A prediction is also handed to someone for safekeeping.

Performer then shows a number of round discs and invites a spectator to shuffle them.

Each disc has a single digit number printed on it, 0 thru to 9.

After the discs are freely shuffled, they are placed into the upper houlette where they remain in view.

The performer now removes the discs, one at a time, from the upper houlette, with the reverse blank
side facing out, and slowly moves it above the stand before placing it into the lower houlette.

He then asks a spectator to stop him at any time as he holds a disc
above the stand before he places it into the lower houlette.

When told to stop, the performer turns the disc to show its face and places it
on the small display stand, and this is then repeated one more time.

Please note that the spectator stops the performer while he holds the
disc, and not the one after or the one about to be removed.

At the finish, there are two discs on the display stand, making a 2-digit
number and in our image the number selected is 41.

The prediction is now opened and it reads 41.

The stand measures approximately 21.5cm wide x 14cm high x 6cm deep at the base and has been
completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish.

Mystic Numero has been inspired by an effect called Discus by Norman Hazelden.

Manufactured in 2022 by Magic Wagon Thailand.