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A beautiful wooden white board stand, which the performer
states contains a prediction, is displayed.

The performer now draws 6 ESP symbols or writes 6 city's of the world on the
white board and then asks a spectator to call out anyone of them.

The choice is completely free and there is absolutely no force of any kind.

The spectator is now instructed to remove the drawer from the stand
and inside he finds a scroll of paper securely tied with thread.

He removes the paper scroll and then reads out what is written on the inside.

To the spectator's surprise, the prediction perfectly matches the one which was chosen!

The effect is completely self-contained with no palming or sleight of hand required!

No force of any kind and the effect can be immediately repeated if desired!

The method is totally mechanical with no electronics used!

Mystic Prediction has been inspired by "Enigma Chest" which was released by
Magic Wagon in very limited quantities at the FISM convention in 2015.

The mechanical workings of this latest version however
are different in both construction and operation.

This beautiful effect measures approximately 14cm wide by 21cm tall and 4.5cm deep
and is completely hand-crafted of genuine teak with a lightly distressed oil finish.

Manufactured in 2019 by Magic Wagon Thailand.