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A beautiful wooden cabinet is shown, along with a brass metal sheet.

The brass sheet is openly inserted into the cabinet through a slot in the top and then
tapped with one of the metal spikes to prove that it is completely solid.

The doors are now closed and fourteen solid spikes are then pushed through all sides of the
cabinet creating the illusion that they are penetrating the solid sheet of brass inside.

The cabinet is then shown all around so that all of the metal
spikes can be seen passing completely through it.

The spikes are then withdrawn and the brass sheet is immediately
removed and shown to still be perfectly solid.

There is no explanation how the metal spikes could possibly pass through
the cabinet in 3 directions with the solid brass sheet inside.

The cabinet when closed measures approximately 10.5cm by 10.5cm and is completely hand-crafted from
lightly distressed oil finish genuine teak wood and finally adorned with brass dragon shields.

Each "Penetration 360" comes complete with a custom designed display stand.

Manufactured in 2017 by Magic Wagon Thailand.