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A beautiful wooden chest is displayed and the lid is removed to show the inside.

The performer then introduces three plastic vials which the spectator
can freely examine and note that each one is identical.

He then turns his back and asks the spectator to mix the vials thoroughly and
place them on the base of the chest without looking at the contents.

The performer, still with his back turned, concentrates and immediately
reveals which vial contains a $1 bill, $20 bill and $100 bill.

The spectator is then instructed to open the vials one by one and to confirm
that the performer has identified the contents of each one correctly.

Any other items that will fit into the vials can also be used.

Four different manufacturers have been involved in producing the Psychic Chest including
a jewelry box company, electronics company, resin company and acrylic company.

This great utility device can also be used for many other mental effects.

Manufactured in 2013 by Magic Wagon Thailand.