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A wooden tube is shown, along with two solid brass bolts and a heavy steel ball.

The performer now threads both bolts through the holes in the sides
of the tube, and then secures them with the two brass nuts.

The steel ball is then dropped into the tube by a spectator and it is
heard to stop with a loud thud as the bolts block its passage.

You now allow the spectator to look inside the tube and verify that the two bolts
are preventing the steel ball from traveling through its inner chamber.

On the performers command, the ball magically penetrates both
solid brass bolts and passes completely through the tube.

The tube is immediately shown and the spectator can see that
its inner chamber is still blocked by the crossed bolts.

The effect can be performed completely surrounded.

Only one steel ball is used and it could be marked, if desired.

The two brass nuts and bolts are not gimmicked in any way.

Nine teak wooden parts are used to make each Quantum Tunnel.

Measures approximately 15cm high.

Manufactured in 2013 by Magic Wagon Thailand.