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Three stunningly, beautiful boxes which allow the performer
myriad effects, limited only by your imagination.

Reverse O Boxes has been inspired and uses a devilishly, deceptive
principle, from the legendary, magician, Robert Harbin.

These boxes will open up a journey of magical discovery for the
performer or can grace the cabinet of any magical collector.

Beautifully crafted in veneer wood with a stunning
high gloss finish and rich suede interiors.

Included in the instructions are some great routines and
ideas by Steve Cook using the Reverse O Boxes.

Here is just one of the effects that you can perform.

A miniature whisky bottle shown empty, then bagged and placed inside a double
set of boxes, the outer one of which can be locked and left in full view.

A card is now selected and signed, and then lost in the deck.

An index corner is then invisibly torn from the signed card.

Suddenly, the signed card is seen in the deck with a corner missing.

The corner is eventually found inside the whisky bottle, which
was inside the bag, inside the double boxes.

The signed card matches exactly with the torn corner!

The corner of the card in the bottle can be examined by the spectator.

Please note that this effect does not require
any lapping, sevant or special table.

Only 50 sets of Reverse O Boxes where available worldwide.

Manufactured in 2018 by Magic Wagon Thailand.