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A strikingly beautiful cabinet is displayed and opened to show a small shot
glass on one side and a mysterious red package on the other side.

The performer then closes the sliding door, opens the top compartment and hands
"the ancient spells message" to a spectator to read invoking a mystical spirit.

Amazingly, when the door is reopened, the mysterious red package is now INSIDE the shot glass!

The performer then removes the shot glass and allows the mysterious
package to fall out into the spectator's awaiting hand.

The cabinet may also be handed out for examination!

There is not a clue as to how the mysterious package not only moved, but floated up and into the shot glass.

This beautiful piece of magic is based on Milson Worth's Astro Ball Cabinet.

The cabinet is entirely free from any encumbrances as nothing is attached to any
table or furniture which makes the effect more practical to perform.

The cabinet, without the front panel in place, measures approximately 14cm wide, 12cm high and 7.5cm deep.

The entire outfit is extremely detailed with genuine Egyptian motifs and each set has been
painstakingly and individually hand-crafted by Magic Wagon's own exclusive artist.

It also comes complete with everything you need including John Talbot's "Saqqara Vault" 4 page
routine and other ideas, plus an optional way to perform the effect using a flash device!

Manufactured in 2019 by Magic Wagon Thailand.