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The performer places his business card wallet on the table, explaining
that inside is a single business card containing a prediction.

He then proceeds to take his deck of cards and deals them face up onto the table one at a time.

He explains that the spectator may call out the word stop at any time.

The spectator can see that all the cards are indeed different as they are being dealt face up.

Suddenly, the spectator calls out stop.

Let us suppose that the card stopped at was the 8 of Clubs.

The performer slowly opens the wallet showing the prediction card inside.

Partially removing it, the performer asks the spectator to take
it and confirm that it matches the card they stopped at.

You will receive one of the most deceptive business card wallets in the world
and Wayne's well thought out routine for this mind blowing miracle.

Not only that but you will also find out just what the an acronym "S.N.A.K.E.S." stands for.

Comes complete with instructions by Wayne Dobson and six black Killer Envelopes.

Snakes is an alternative routine for Wowallet by Stephen Tucker.