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An elegant wooden chest along with a deck of
cards and a $100.00 bill are shown.

The performer states that there is a written prediction inside
the chest and that he will never touch or go near it.

He also states that the spectator will make a random selection and if he does not select the
card that matches the prediction in the chest, he may keep the $100.00 bill.

The performer also confirms that he will not touch the deck of cards and the
spectator has fifty-one chances to win and only one chance to lose.

The spectator is now asked to deal the cards into a single face-down pile
on the table and should stop dealing whenever he wants.

Once done, the spectator is asked to deal the pile on the table back and
forth into two piles and turn the top card of each pile face up.

Despite the fairness of the everything, the spectator is told
to choose either card and eliminate the other one.

Once the spectator is happy with his decision, the performer emphasis that he can if
he wishes change his mind but if he choose wrong, it could cost him $100.00.

Let's say, he finally arrives at the Seven of Diamonds.

He himself now opens the chest, while the performer is nowhere near it.

Inside he sees a folded piece of paper and absolutely nothing else.

He then removes the prediction and shows it to be the Seven of Diamonds.

The chest measures approximately 12cm wide x 8.5cm high x 8.5cm deep and has been completely
handcrafted from natural aged teak wood along with a lightly distressed oil finish.

Each chest also has 18K gold plated fitted hardware.

Manufactured in 2022 by Magic Wagon Thailand.