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A small wood cabinet, miniature sword and ring pedestal are shown.

The performer borrows a ring from a spectator which is then placed into the pedestal.

The pedestal is now placed on the cabinet floor and the door is then closed.

The performer now picks up small sword which is then inserted
into the cabinet wall from one side to the other.

The performer then pushes down on the sword which
appears to pass through the borrowed ring!

When the cabinet door is opened again, the sword is found to have
magically penetrated right through the spectator's ring!

The performer then removes the sword showing the ring to be undamaged and
allows it to fall from the sword into the spectator's waiting hand!

Any type and style of ring can be used providing it fits into the pedestal.

The effect can be instantly repeated with no resetting required.

It's completely self contained with nothing added or taken away.

Manufactured in 2007 by Magic Wagon Thailand.