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A beautiful wood box is shown secured by a brass nut and bolt.

The performer unscrews the nut and the bolt is then removed from the hole in the box.

Now the box is shaken and something can be heard inside.

The lid is now removed to reveal a deck of cards completely filling the inside of the box.

The cards are now tipped out and handled freely and proving that they look completely normal.

How the deck of cards could have been inside the secured box all of the time is now a complete mystery.

Special handmade deck which has been specially engineered by Rob Bromley.

Beautiful veneer wood box designed and manufactured by Magic Wagon Thailand.

Brass dome nut & bolt that has been custom engineered to be exactly the right size for the effect.

Full written Instructions included and online streaming video explanation with training, tips and effects.

Limited Edition Only 100 Available Worldwide.

Manufactured in 2016 by Magic Wagon Thailand & Rob Bromley England.