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The Performer displays a beautifully decorated cabinet.

The front and back doors are then removed revealing a length of golden ribbon passing through it
and both ends can be seen protruding out from the slots in the sides of the cabinet.

The ribbon is now pulled back and forth a few times by the wooden clips attached
to either end and showing that only one length of ribbon is used.

The performer now takes a pair of scissors and cuts the ribbon into two pieces.

He then takes both ends of the cut golden ribbon and touches them on the dragon
sculpture inside the cabinet while telling a story about it's healing power.

The doors are now closed, but the ends of the ribbon can still be seen protruding
from the slots in the sides of the cabinet and remaining in full view.

The performer now removes the wooden clips, pulls one end of the golden ribbon
as the other end moves back inside, just as you would expect!

The ribbon is now completely removed and found to be fully restored!

Both the front and back doors are again removed to show that the interior of the cabinet is completely empty.

This beautiful piece of magic is based on the original idea from Alan Warners Siamese Ribbon.

The cabinet has been ingeniously re-designed by a Dutch magician
called Rebru so that it can now be viewed from all sides!

The Dragons Chamber measures approximately 12cm wide, 10cm high and 8cm deep.

Manufactured in 2017 by Magic Wagon Thailand.