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The performer displays an ornate cabinet and then opens
the door revealing it to be completely empty.

He then places three different colored rings red, yellow and
green onto the floor of the cabinet and closes the door.

The spectator is now invited to call out the color of one of the three rings.

There is absolutely no force or elimination of any kind used.

The performer then picks up a metal rod and shows it to be perfectly solid.

The rod is now inserted through the slots on the sides of the cabinet.

Amazingly, when the door is opened again, the chosen ring is now seen hanging on the metal rod!

The rod can be immediately removed through the slots at the front of the cabinet showing the ring
to be unharmed and allowing it to slide down and fall into the spectator's awaiting hand!

It is a stunning and inexplicable effect.

The ring color choice is completely free with no force of any kind!

The effect can be immediately repeated with any of the remaining colors!

The effect is completely self-contained and nothing is added or taken away!

The mechanism inside has been cleverly designed and each unit requires over 36 hours to build.

The cabinet has been completely handcrafted and has a teak wood jointed structure to increase its stability and
performance along with a lightly distressed oil finish and slightly tarnished brass hardware.

It measures approximately 22.5cm wide, 10.5cm high and 10cm deep.

The beautifully designed custom colored rings shown are also included.

Manufactured in 2019 by Magic Wagon Thailand.