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A small treasure chest is displayed and opened revealing a bag containing a solid
sheet of brass with hieroglyphic signs and a mysterious gemstone.

The performer then places the brass sheet into the chest and closes the lid.

Then a spectator is told to try and push the brass rods through each of the five holes
on the lid but they are unable do so because of the brass sheet inside.

The performer then waves a mysterious gemstone over
the chest, and says the magic words.

Now the brass rods are pushed through the five holes in the
lid and out through the bottom of the chest.

The chest is then shown all around to prove that the brass rods could
not have possibly missed passing through the brass sheet.

Finally the rods are removed and the lid immediately reopened
showing that the brass sheet is completely unharmed.

Each of the brass rods have magically penetrated the solid sheet of brass.

The effect is completely mechanical in operation.

The chest measures approximately 8cm wide by 6cm tall and 5.5cm deep and is
hand-crafted from genuine teak with a lightly distressed oil finish.

The brass plaque is beautifully engraved with hieroglyphic signs.

Manufactured in 2014 by Magic Wagon Thailand.