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The performer shows a beautiful wooden box with three
brass rods penetrating through both sides.

He then removes the rods, shakes the box and something can now be heard inside.

The box is now opened to find that the interior is filled with a solid ornate block of wood.

Everything can be immediately handed out for examination.

The illusion created of how the solid brass rods could have passed through
the block of wood in three different locations looks impossible.

The box measures approximately 7cm wide, 8cm high and 7cm deep and has been completely
handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish.

The block has also been beautifully made out of genuine teak and
artistically decorated with 18 pieces of brass hardware.

Due to the complexity and construction processes of the brass & wood
involved, this item is offered only in a very limited quantity.

Manufactured in 2017 by Magic Wagon Thailand.