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The performer displays a beautiful wooden box and four
keys, only one of which locks and unlocks the box.

Some banknotes are now placed inside the box which is then
securely locked by a member of the audience.

The key that locks the box along with the other three are now dropped into a clear
glass and mixed thoroughly so that no one knows which one opens the box.

Three spectators each now freely select a key, leaving one in the glass for the performer.

Whoever has the key that opens the box keeps all of the cash inside.

The spectators may also exchange the key they have with the remaining one in the glass.

Needless to say, the performer's key is the only one that opens the box!

The effect can be performed in full view of your audience!

The effect can be immediately repeated with no force or elimination of any kind!

The effect is entirely self-contained and mechanically ingenious!

The Mystic Vault measures approximately 14.5cm wide, 9.5cm high and 9.5cm deep and has been
completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish.

Manufactured in 2017 by Magic Wagon Thailand.