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The Pagoda Mystery is based on an original idea
from Jack Hughes's Dove Through Glass.

A beautiful wooden frame containing a sheet of
plexiglass is displayed on both sides.

The performer then taps on the sheet of plexiglass to prove it is solid.

Two small panels with star traps are now placed over the centre of
the glass and the whole unit is then put onto a small stand.

Without any hesitation, the performer immediately pushes the wooden rod right
through the star traps, apparently penetrating the solid sheet of plexiglass!

After the penetration, the panels are removed to reveal that the sheet
of plexiglass is completely unharmed and still perfectly solid!

It is a truly baffling penetration effect.

Each set is completely hand-crafted from natural aged teak wood
and measures approximately 17cm wide and 23cm tall.

Do to the detailed woodwork it takes approximately 3-4 days
to manufacture just one of these exquisite pieces.

Manufactured in 2015 by Magic Wagon Thailand.