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The Pimpernel Wallet can do everything that the Himber Wallet does and more!

First the wallet is placed on the table.

Spectator now chooses a card from a normal deck, and signs the face.

The card is then returned to the deck which is shuffled.

The performer then says he is so confident that he can find the card
under these impossible conditions, that he will put money on it!

The wallet is opened and money is removed.

The performer now removes one card from the deck and
places it inside a transparent window in the wallet.

He then states if your card is not in the wallet, then the money is yours!.

The card is removed from the transparent window but proves to be the wrong card.

The performer now draws attention to a small zippered
pocket on the other side of the open wallet.

The zip is now opened and the selected card is removed.

No palming or slight of hand and resets instantly.

Can be used as a multiple out wallet or a peek device.

Looks like an ordinary wallet with no straps, gimmicks or load slides.

The Pimpernel Wallet is a practical hip style pocket wallet.

A utility prop with endless uses.

Comes complete with 24 page booklet containing several
routines, DVD and also online instructions.