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A beautiful wooden chest is displayed and then disassembled into three
pieces, showing three different Egyptian colored pillars inside.

The performer now hands the pillars to the spectator for examination, who is then
told to freely choose one before placing all of them back inside the chest.

The performer now makes a magic gesture and then removes the
Golden Sphinx from the previously empty chest!

He then disassembles the chest into three pieces again and only the chosen pillar is found inside!

The other two pillars have completely vanished.

The mysterious Sphinx appears to have only guarded the pillar chosen by the spectator.

The chest can immediately be handed out for examination!

The contrasting orange and deep dark brown color scheme and exotic wood used has
a beautiful and unique grain pattern of alternating light and dark stripes.

The chest has been completely handcrafted with a high-gloss jewelry box finish.

The golden Sphinx and the colored pillars have also been delicately and
individually hand-crafted by Magic Wagon's own craftsman.

The chest measures approximately 14.5cm wide, 10.5cm high and 12cm deep.

Manufactured in 2016 by Magic Wagon Thailand.