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A beautiful box along with a round ornate block and a pendulum are displayed.

One side of the block shows an image of a tiger and the reverse depicts a dragon.

The box also consists of four compartment's depicting images of different habitats on the inside.

While the performer's back is turned, the spectator is invited to place the block into
any one of four recessed areas inside the box and told to replace the lid.

The performer then turns around, swings the pendulum over the box and correctly announces whether the
tiger or the dragon lives in a high mountain, a big waterfall, a deep forest or a dark cave!

The effect can be immediately repeated and everything can be completely examined before,
during and after the effect and the detection method is mechanically clever!

The box measures approximately 12cm wide, 12cm deep and 5cm
high excluding the tiger & dragon figures on the lid.

The block measures approximately 4.3cm in diameter with 2.7cm in height.

Each Piece has been delicately handcrafted and individually made by an
exceptionally skilled artisan working exclusively for Magic Wagon.

The finish in each set is absolutely incredible with intricate
carving work inside the lid and underneath the box.

The photos really do not do justice to this very elaborate piece of magic apparatus!

Manufactured in 2016 by Magic Wagon Thailand.