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Performer hands a beautifully-crafted leather wallet
to a spectator and they are asked to open it.

Inside are several pockets, cards, stamps and currency.

The spectator removes a card from the wallet and
on it is printed the words, "Your Thought".

On the reverse of the card is a circle.

The spectator thinks of a three digit number
and writes it inside the circle.

The spectator replaces the card back in the wallet
and secures it with the fastener.

The performer replaces the wallet in his hip pocket
and then writes his prediction.

The prediction is not shown to the audience.

The spectator concentrates on his three digit number and
when the prediction is revealed it is correct.

Remember that the spectator in the audience may freely handle the wallet.

The pocket containing the card the spectator writes on is isolated from the exterior
of the wallet by several thicknesses of leather, currency and cards.

No sleights or nail writing involved.

This is just one of several different routines you can perform with the TMI WALLET.

You can predict the amount of change in a spectator's pocket.

Or any freely selected card at and its location in a deck of cards
without the performer touching the cards at all.

There are no forces, switches, nail writing or carbon impressions.

TMI is an ingenious piece of apparatus in the guise of a black leather hip pocket wallet.

Supplied with Larry Becker's detailed instructions.