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A small wooden box is displayed and opened revealing a $100 bill.

The performer then removes the bill, places a folded piece
of paper into the box and closes the lid.

The performer explains that in a moment, the spectator is going to make a random selection and
if the outcome does not match the prediction in the box, they may keep the $100 bill.

Now, the spectator is invited to choose one of the three objects on the table.

This is a 100% free choice and they can change their minds as many times as they wish.

The performer then points to the wooden box that has been resting
on the table all along and removes his prediction.

After unfolding the paper, the spectator is amazed to
find that the prediction is 100% correct!

The prediction was placed inside the box before
the spectator made their selection.

The spectator has a completely free choice and absolutely
no force or elimination of any kind is used.

The method is completely mechanical in operation.

Each box is completely hand-crafted from natural aged teak
and features an inlay of contrasting wood.

The Trinity Perdition Box measures approximately
11cm wide by 3.5cm tall and 8.5cm deep.

Manufactured in 2014 by Magic Wagon Thailand.