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An ornate chest from the "Ancient Egyptian Collection" and three golden blocks
with Egyptian symbols Pharaoh, Ankh and Nefertiti are displayed.

While the performer's back is turned, a spectator is invited to remove
one of the blocks, place it behind their back and close the lid.

The performer then turns around and immediately names
the chosen block symbol with unerring accuracy.

The effect can be immediately repeated and the performer
never touches the chest to make the divination.

The chest never leaves the view of the spectator at anytime.

The mechanical method is very clever and the intricate mechanism is simply stunning.

It's entirely self-contained and there are no external gimmicks of any kind used.

It measures approximately 17cm wide, 7cm high and 6cm deep and has been
handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish.

The chest also features beautiful segmented work and is finally adorned with 25 brass nails.

Each of the golden blocks are absolutely striking in appearance and
have been delicately and individually hand-crafted.

Manufactured in 2015 by Magic Wagon Thailand.