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A beautiful wooden tube, a wooden "sword", along with a bright red
block with a hole running through its center are displayed.

The performer now inserts the sword through the holes in the sides of the tube.

The block is now dropped into the tube where it is heard to stop as it hits the sword.

Now, the performer taps the tube against the palm of their hand and the block magically
penetrates the sword and ends up visibly in the window at the front of the tube!

The sword is then removed and shown to be perfectly solid!

The performer now offers to repeat the trick.

However, after the tube is tapped, the block does not fall out!

After opening the tube at the center it is seen that the block is now impaled onto the sword!

Everything can then be handed out for examination if desired.

The tube stands approximately 17.5cm tall and is completely hand-crafted
from genuine teak and the block is approximately 2.7cm square.

Manufactured in 2015 by Magic Wagon Thailand.