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The performer displays a beautiful sarcophagus along with five mummies;
each of which has an embedded different colored gemstone.

While the performer's back is turned, a spectator is invited to place
one of the mummies inside the sarcophagus and close the lid.

The remaining mummies are then hidden from view.

The performer now turns around and immediately reveals which one
of the mummies is concealed inside the sarcophagus.

The effect can be performed in full view of the spectator!

Its entirely self-contained and no outside gimmicks or electronics are used!

The effect can be immediately repeated and the performer never touches the sarcophagus!

The Ultimate Mummy Mystery measures approximately 19cm wide, 6cm high and 6cm deep.

Each set is extremely detailed and has been individually hand-crafted by Magic Wagon's
own exclusive artist and finally adorned with beautiful colored gemstones.

Manufactured in 2018 by Magic Wagon Thailand.